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Does Your Small Business Need IT Support

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Are you a small business owner that needs technology to automate most of the monotonous tasks? If so, you should think about having a remote IT Support team to help you achieve the daily tasks at a cheaper rate whilst focusing on your core business needs. IT support services differ from one business to another. If you are considering outsourcing your IT support team, here are some considerations to help you make a wise choice
Understand your Business Type
It is quite crucial to understand the type of your business and your key customers because the Level of IT Support depends on this. If you are an online business and all you require is a functioning website, then the support level you require is low. You need someone to manage your website and help you carry out the SEO tasks. That is all you need and require.
However, if you are running a company that is physical or a brick mortar model then you need a greater level of IT Support. You need PC set up for all your employees, possibly a server, multiple backup drives, remote desktop set up. After the initial set up, you need ongoing tech support to maintain the performance of the devices, to solve the recurring issues when using peripheral devices or emails or even virus and cyber-security problems.

Different Type of IT Support services that are available
If you have at least $85,000 to spare for your small business, then you can hire a full-time In-House IT Staff. This kind of investment is quite big for a small business owner. It would be much lesser cost to outsource your IT needs. There are many managed service provider companies that offer IT support to multiple businesses and organisations. You can opt for a monthly subscription service or pay for what you use. Providers like Computit, offers 24/7 support, help desk, onsite and remote support.

Additionally, there are some sites that can help you get started on IT support. For starters, Udemy is a great place as it has many courses to help you understand about IT in a business environment.

To Conclude, as a small business it is best to outsource your IT needs to an MSP company and let them help you. Computit, is now offering free IT assessment for your business and will assist you in choosing the right plan. If you have any further inquiries, please call or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Coronavirus and the benefits of a remote adaptable workplace

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Currently workplaces are struggling to perform business as usual due to the Coronavirus outbreak. As of now, Over 3000 people died, more than 109,935 cases confirmed and 60,703 recovered (Worldometer, 2020). According to the Guardian “Coronovirus is having devastating impacts on the global economy, stopping travel, slowing manufacturing in China and hitting the stock market hard”. So how can we save our businesses from huge losses during this pandemic?
Many international companies and tech giants are implementing remote working options for their employees due to increase in health concerns. In fact, the majority of these companies are seeing little to no disruption with business as usual. However, small to medium businesses are really feeling the heat, finding it hard to continue with their more traditional office hours of 9 to 5. As the virus continues to spread and affect more countries, it's critical for more if not all businesses to adapt to a more remote friendly workplace.

Benefits of a mobile friendly workplace
The key benefits of having a remote workplace for employers and employees:
  • Better flexibility
  • Less commute which means less environmental impact,
  • better work-life balance,
  • Saves time,
  • increased productivity,

  • Increased productivity,
  • Less spending on different types of equipments
  • Employer retention,
  • Spend more on business infrastructure than office space

How can a business step into a remote adaptable workplace?
The first step you must take as a business is to call your IT company about setting up a remote desktop workplace for your employees. If you are not satisfied, then call us for a quality service and a cheaper rate to implement it for you. Also, start working on productivity applications and time management systems to track your employees' progress. Some apps that you can use for productivity are ToDoist, Calendar, Slack, Trello and Hootsuite. In this way, we can tackle the current inefficient workplace model that will soon be immensely affected by the pandemic.

Well, not all companies can be fit into remote working model. However, if you are a company that predominantly does all the work on the internet then it’s time for you to implement it. If you are confused about how to do this, we will help you. Free Assesment / Quote call us today.

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onsite it support service

Onsite IT support services are often considered as too expensive and not quite efficient when compared to remote IT services. The usual rumors are:

1. “It is way too expensive –it costs more money than outsourcing IT support.”
2. “Less productivity – Having someone on-board all the time even when there is no technical IT work, is loss of productivity.”
3. “Not so effective – just because they are in-house doesn’t mean they know all about IT. “

Well, you might agree with these statements, but let’s not jump into any conclusions without understanding the key features of Onsite IT support services and how it is provided in these current days.

Onsite means ‘service at your doorstep’. Although remote IT service is a great choice for some businesses, onsite support also plays a vital role. In fact, receiving both onsite and offsite services would be better than having just either of them. Having someone remain on your site for a temporary basis ensures that they will take care of your essential IT issues, especially for organisations that heavily rely on specialized equipment. Saying all this, what exactly are the key benefits of onsite services

1. Not all problems can be fixed remotely:
Agree or not, let’s be honest there is a limit to fixing systems remotely especially when there are hardware issues involved.
Imagine fixing the water line of your house without any contact, you might call that a bit foolish. This is the similar case when you try to fix a hardware issue remotely. It simply doesn’t work like that. Having an IT service provider that can send someone onsite quickly or having an in-house technician can help resolve such issues swiftly without any further delays. Thus, saving your time and money.
Also, having an onsite support can lead to more accurate diagnosis which you may think it is unrelated but could be the actual source of the problem.
So, when you choose your IT provider ensure that they provide onsite IT support when required. At least you will have a peace of mind that when your hardware is broken, someone is on the way to fix the issue.

2. Easier to ask for IT help:
Let’s face it, it is a bit embarrassing to call the remote IT helpdesk for all your small enquiries. I’m pretty sure you might have hoped to see a friendly face rather than talk to total stranger on the other end of the line and trying hard to explain what’s wrong with your PC and resolving the issue.

How much easier is it for you to call your IT service provider that provides onsite support or your in-house technician. You will be more proactively seeking help and having most of your IT issues resolved before it reaches its saturation point.

3. Greater Flexibility
Nowdays most of the services are designed to suit customer’s need and they provide great flexibility. The two things you must look into before choosing an Onsite IT service provider are:
1. Pay as you go – only pay for the technician’s contact hours.
2. Temporary contracts – when you need an IT technician just for a short period of time. Maybe to cover up for an employee during their holidays or for a major system tranformation or to fix a hardcore technical issue. Look up for providers that offer such flexibilities

4. Faster and reliable service
Onsite services are ideal for scheduled maintenance and emergency support. It ensures that you’re problem is solved quickly with high impact.

5. Pay as you go service
Most of the Onsite IT Providers offers pay as go service. Which means you only pay for the service that has been provided to you. How good is that? No more montly shocks for underutilised service.

In AVG’s latest “App Performance Report” for Q4, we’re looking again at the anonymous data from over one million AVG users, compare it to our first report, and reveal what apps are the most resource-hungry on their phones.

When looking at one million of our users, we found many interesting trends that might just surprise you:

Spotify is now the No 2 resource consuming app overall
Out of our total user base, 638,716 users had the music streaming service Spotify installed: what they perhaps didn’t know is that Spotify is now the second most resource-consuming app in the store (up from rank 5 in Q3).

If you’re low on battery, space or data, keep that streaming to a minimum!

The changing gaming landscape
In our previous report, uber-popular FarmVille and Puzzle & Dragons topped the charts for the most resource-hungry games for Android. However, they were nowhere to be found in our Q4 roundup. A closer look shows Puzzle & Dragons and FarmVille suffered from a 50% and 43% decline respectively in installed user base in Q4 when compared to the beginning of the year (Q1/Q2).

New games such as Boom Beach and Deer Hunter 2014, however, appeared out of nowhere and secured the top spots in both usage and resource usage (not surprisingly, they’re games after all!).

Samsung’s New Updates
After the rollout of Android 4.4.2 (October 2014), we noticed a new entry in our top battery drainers that run immediately at start up. Samsung’s Security Policy Update service, officially named Samsung KNOX™, automatically checks for security updates and downloads these automatically. While Knox is a great addition to having a full-featured antivirus product installed, a number of users and even journalists have publicly complained about not just the amount of notifications shown but also a 30-40% drop in battery life.

As mentioned in this ZDNet article, this feature cannot be turned off as mentioned by the Samsung Technical Support: “To ensure that your device always has the latest security to protect you and your data, Samsung will occasionally send security updates to the device as needed. I’m sorry to inform you that there is no option to disable these updates”.

While we can’t stress enough that security on mobile device is critical, handset makers need to ensure their product does not reduce battery life or impact overall performance drastically.

Self(ie) awareness
Taking selfies was “the” cool thing to do in 2014: selfie sticks, selfie apps, selfie phones all flooded the market. Unfortunately, some of these apps can be quite draining on a device’s battery. A new app called Candy Camera – Selfie Selfies crept up to number 7 in the top battery hungry apps that run in the background. We suggest avoid apps like these as they only should drain battery when you’re actively running them!

Maps & Navigation

Did we spend more time navigating and looking at maps? With more time off over the festive period, both Waze (Social GPS Maps & Traffic) and also Google Maps climbed into the Top Usage Chart:

Less gaming, more talking

Another seasonal effect: compared to Q2 and Q3 of 2014, we spend much more time on social networks and communicating through messenger apps instead of gaming. While we still spend most 49% of our time gaming on our Android devices compared to 62% in the previous quarter, social and communication apps rose to 11% and 10.3% of our total usage (compared to 6% and 3% respectively before)

Again, find a full list and all the data in our app report here.

So what are you supposed to do if you’ve got one or even many of our resource drainers installed? Find out in our top tips in the next blog!

Source: http://now.avg.com/top-10-apps-that-ruin-your-smartphone-mojo/


More and more often small to large business choose to outsource their IT System. This trend is given to a series of reasons that eventually will bring the cost down and the reliability up.

Let’s have a more detailed look to each of these reasons:

  • Cost Reduction: this is the most obvious benefit. Outsourcing convert IT fixed cost into variable cost. In practice you pay what you use when you need it.
  • More room for improvement. An IT company will be able to advice you whenever you may be able to improve your business by installing new technology.
  • Trained, experienced, qualified and certified staff. Your IT employees will never be as experienced as an IT company employer that faces everyday new problems in different type of business. IT employee leads an isolated existence no matter how much they train.
  • Increase competitiveness. Higher IT cost and slower performing time leads to higher cost for buyers and so to less market competitiveness.
  • Predictable IT expenditure. Most IT company provide fixed prices so you know how much you are going to spend before of performing the service.
  • Flexibility. Your outsourced IT company is there 24/7 when for your needs. Doesn’t have sick days of day off. You never know when a disaster may happen.
  • Security and recovery plan. An IT outsourced company will backup your data system in a regular basis, so in case of disaster your business will be able to recover all vital data in minimum time and keep with its normal operations.

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