Cryptolocker is an evolution of non familiar ransomware schemes in which the malware encrypts all the files he finds in different network resources, including shared network drives, removable media such as USB sticks, external hard drives, network file shares and some cloud storage service, and ask for the description key that you should get after paying a fee. The goal of all ransomware variants is to extort money from victims in one way or another.

US-Cert sais the number of infections caused by Cryptolocker are rising and is important NOT TO PAY the demanded fee, but instead report it to the Cybercrime Federal Police.

If the red screen notice of Cryptolocker appear on the screen is very important to disconnect the computer from its wireless network immediately as all other computers of the network are then likely to be infected.

Normal antivirus software protection doesn’t provide a great level of security as the antivirus usually detect the malware after few hours, but meanwhile it is able to encrypt thousands of files on the local drive and present the user with the now-familiar bitmap image explaining the attacker’s demand for ransom.

Avoiding ransomware and minimizing its damage is much the same as avoiding other types of other malware.

A good Antivirus software is a must and is aldo important to and keep Windows and browser-related components (Java, Adobe, and the like) updated.  Always be wary of unexpected email attachments and spam. (CryptoLocker spreads via .zip files sent as email attachments, for example.)

And just to beat this dead horse one more time: Always have a good backup system in place, this is particularly true for business whose loss of data often mean loss of money and reputation.

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