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Network Design

What is network design? Network design refers to the planning and design of the implementation of a computer network infrastructure. Network design is generally performed by network designers, engineers, IT administrators and other related staff. It is done before the implementation of a network infrastructure. Network design involves evaluating, understanding and scoping the network to be implemented. The whole network design is usually represented as a network diagram that serves as the blueprint for implementing the network physically. Typically, network design includes the following:

Logical map of the network to be designed

Cabling structure

Quantity, type and location of network devices (router, switches, servers)

IP addressing structure

Network security architecture and overall network security processes

In simple terms, we evaluation what your business needs to achieve with a network, and design and supply the system that will meet those needs. A well-designed network is critically important.

Why Network Design Is Important


The last thing you want is for your network to go down, especially if it happens regularly. A good network design will provide your business with a consistently high level of performance.


Good network design should provide a resilient platform for the applications that it supports. Ideally, the failure of any one link or networking device should not result in the loss of a session. Well-designed networks are characterized by the ability to cope with a device failure.


A scalable network is capable of adequately supporting growth without having to be radically re-designed. It must be able to handle growth in the number of users, the addition of new applications, increased bandwidth usage and physical size.

Running costs

A well-designed network should not only be cost-effective to operate; it should also be characterized by relatively consistent running costs. You should also be able to access after-sales support. We can design your network so that it meets your business’s needs, and so that it saves you time, money and stress. We are experts in efficient and functional network design.

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