How to Maximize your Iphone/Ipad Battery


Iphone/Ipad and Ipod touch's battery problems have become particularly noticeable with IOS 7.1, in fact battery technology has not advanced as the other features, rather its overall performance is even worsened,.

So let’s have a look to a couple of tips to keep our battery running for as long as possible.Many of these tips are going to be common sense but still valid for the less technology savvy people.

  • Deselect Airdrop. The application allows you to share files and photos with other people in close proximity. Unfortunately this tool can suck a big part of your battery so is better to go to the CONTROL CENTER, Select AIRDROP and then OFF.
  • Restore your device as new. Is usually the best way to fix any battery issue, even though is a pain.. You will need to reinstall everything, and all your saved will be lost, but in most cases your battery life will be better than ever.
  • Keep you device out of sun. In fact the sun rays kill battery faster than any other factor.
  •  Disable location services.  When you don’t really need it, and you are running out of battery is better to disable this function.
  • Eliminate Push Notification. You can turn these off one-by-one, or turn off Push entirely by heading into Settings -> Notifications, and save a bit of extra battery life since your device won’t be pulling in data for those applications anymore.
  • Reduce the brightness.  Keepingthe screen constantly at maximum brightness consumes a lot of battery life, is better to keep the screen at 30% of their brightness most of time. 

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