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We’ve still got nearly two weeks to go before HTC officially unveils their new top-tier Android phone at Mobile World Congress, but it looks like the details have already started dumping out.

On an episode of Droidcast back in January, we were pretty confident that HTC’s next big device — which we tentatively called the HTC One M9 — would look a whole lot like its HTC’slast flagship, the One M8.

Sure enough: if these latest leaks are legit, it’s pretty much a dead ringer. They’ve moved some buttons around, sure, and it looks like they’ve gone from two cameras on the rear to one — but unless you really know your stuff, a quick glance would leave you thinking the two devices were one in the same.

Note that third button below the pair of volume buttons on the right. That’s the power button, which on the One M8 was located on the top of the device. Given how damned big the One M8 is, having the power button up top made it a bit arduous to reach at times.

Meanwhile, Germany’s MobileGeeks.de found some official-looking renders lurking on a German phone retailer site, though the page has since been gutted of most of its imagery.

Here’s what the rumor mill suggests is under the hood:

• 5-inch Display running at 1080p
• 20.7 Megapixel rear camera, 4.0 megapixel front camera with HTC’s “Ultrapixel” tech
• Android Lollipop 5.0 (with some HTC Sense stuff running on top)
• 2,840mAh battery
• 3GB of RAM
• 2Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 CPU (though some rumors pin it at 2.8Ghz)

Everything is still up in the air for now, of course. Even the name is still up for debate; some say it’s the “One M9″, some say it’s just “The One”. Whatever the case, HTC should be making things 100% official come March 1st in Barcelona.

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2015/02/22/this-is-probably-htcs-next-big-android-phone-the-one-m9/

Android 5.0 Lollipop has not reached all intended devices but Google's appears busy working on a new update to release soon. According to tips and leaks, the Android 5.1 will be coming soon with the Nexus 5 as possibly the first device in line.

The first hint about Google's upcoming Android 5.1 update came from an Android Police tipster. According to the tipster, people can expect obvious tweaks to the Android interface. These include changes in the Bluetooh and WiFi settings toggles/widgets. The Lollipop offers a Quick Settings menu allowing people to connect to devices or networks without accessing the entire list of settings.
For those who got confused with Google's Lollipop approach, the Android 5.1 will lower the notification shade to the device's Quick Settings menu. This means users can choose to turn off or on the Bluetooth or WiFi by tapping on the specified icons. They can also do so by tapping the labels "Bluetooth" or "WiFi" over accessing the menu.

The tipster also said that under Android 5.1, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth text features an arrow down for additional functionality. Tapping on the arrow will show a series of Bluetooth devices or WiFi networks nearby. The new expandable functionality features allow people to switch or access connections without closing their apps or other tasks. To fee the full settings menu, they have to top on the "more settings" option.

The latest Geekbench test, on other hand, offers more support to the release of the Android 5.1. The firmware was spotted running on the LG Nexus 5 strengthening claims. Google always releases its Android updates first to flagship devices: the Nexus line. According to the results, the device scored 2997. This is a little higher but similar to the results of the Nexus 5 when tested against the Lollipop.
Google has not released the official details of the Android 5.1 update.

Source: http://au.ibtimes.com/google-android-51-update-release-nexus-5-launch-wifi-bluetooth-changes-plus-more-interesting-1422779


Amazon.com is jumped into the crowded Smartphone market with its own phone called Fire Phone, directly confronting with Apple and Samsung.

The introduction continues Amazon's evolution from online book seller to global technology titan.

The phone, like the other Amazon’s electronic devices, including readers and tablets, is tightly integrated to Amazon online shopping and presents some very interesting technologies and points of difference.

  • Fire uses a four dedicated front facing cameras and a infrared technology to recognize and track where your face is both in the day light and in the dark. The reason for this id to enable a feature called “dynamic perspective”: the tech will dynamically change your viewing experience depending upon your perspective, as well as how you hold and move the phone. 
  • Amazon’s Fire Phone won’t have Google’s services. In fact the phone will have its own applications and its own App Store.
  • Firefly feature will make your shopping in Amazon even easier. It can identify songs and products via microphone and camera, then is Amazon the products will automatically queued for you to buy. Firefly also utilises the phone’s camera to recognise phones numbers of local businesses.
  • Fire users will get unlimited cloud storage for their pictures
  • Fire phone is built with Corning durable Gorilla Glass 3 panels on both the front and the rear, but the glass isn’t shatterproof so if you have a habit of breaking phone displays, this presents twice the risk.

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