Several cyber take downs occurred this year when hackers infiltrated Home Depot, Michaels, iCloud, JP Morgan and the list just goes on. And while consumers and companies have been hit hard in 2014, our 2015 security predictions show that this will be the year of the cloud attack.

According to a recent IDC report, almost 90 percent of Internet spending (including mobile apps, big data and social media) will be on cloud-based technologies over the next six years.

While many companies are making the leap to the cloud, securing the cloud remains an ongoing challenge for IT departments. Smart cyber criminals know where the holes reside and view this space as a big target.

In 2015, a major cloud provider will be breached, compromising many of their customers’ data and in turn leaving hundreds of thousands of individuals vulnerable to follow-on threats. Following the breach, I predict the following will occur:

1. U.S. Congress will step up efforts to legislate better security protection in public clouds.
2. Consumer and shareholder outrage will lead to the sacking of several CEO’s and CISO’s and force the creation of internal cybersecurity task forces.
3. Enterprises will recognize the benefits of cloud-based malware protection as well as cloud-based cyber attacks.
4. Enterprises, government agencies and security vendors will begin to develop more effective collaboration and cooperation to combat the wave of cyber crime and cyber warfare.

With our 2015 security predictions in mind, what other theories do you have for this year’s security landscape?

Source: http://www.webroot.com/blog/2015/01/09/2015-security-predictions/

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