Gone were the days when to start-up anything new was similar to gambling, either you win or lose because, of lack of enough information and not able to predict what will be the possible outcome. But, now-a-days we are living in the era of technology; everyone tries to gather as much as possible information on Internet and that comes from websites and web pages. If a business is not having a website it cannot dream of flying high as it is invisible on web. Websites have a huge impact on the sales of a business. Here are some reasons why having a good website is mandatory:

Visual Presentation: We easily remember what we see. 90% of human brain power to understand things depends on what is visible to eyes. A website with good design caught the attention of customers.  

Fly High & Always Available: Business cards can be seen by people only whom you give it to or people who pick it up from your business. Whereas, a website can be accessed anywhere on the planet 24/7 with an internet connection.

Easily Updated: Information on a business card cannot be updated until it is not printed again and it is limited to its size too. On the other hand a website is not limited to size and the information can be edited, any time.

Customer relations: On a website customers can give feedback on your products. Customer support can be provided through website, it strengthens the seller-customer relationship. This is an excellent way to have better understanding of the customer’s needs and to access what areas need to be improved.



Google announced in these days its new domain service. The service, which is not active yet, will allows you to buy and manage domain names. Google Domains, this is the name of the service, also helps you build your site, set up email addresses, and manage hosting. In other words will be possible to run and entire website without ever leaving the Google ecosystem.

The service will partner with several website building partners including Shopify, Weebly, Squarespace and Wix. With the Domain service, we will get 100 branded email addresses and up to 100 custom subdomains. Visitors will be also routed through Google’s own DNS system, so they can expect a fast, dependable connection.

The price is not yet quoted, although a window on the Google Domains site suggests that registering a domain will cost $12 a year.

The decision represent a competition move against the ex partner GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain name registrar.

For using this latest Google service we will have to wait, although a beta version is available at this link.

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How many times we hear about people saying “I spend lots of money every month for my website and I don’t get the desired traffic of results”. There are so many things that can go wrong with a website and doesn’t matter how much money you spent to make it, because is all about how you design your website, and how you manage your website.

To achieve a successful website is a good rule to follow these essential tips and you will see that the results will not take long to show.

  • Before you start to build your website, consider what purpose it serves in your business? A website can be used to sell a product or service exclusively, to give information, as a brochure to attract more business or showcase projects, or even a combination of things.Each purpose needs to develop with a different technique.

    For example if you are an author selling a book, a very simple website can do the job. You just need to describe your book, write down some testimonials and obviously bring to the action of Buy NOW.

  • Understand your target market. What’s worse of not getting traffic is getting the wrong traffic. Meaning people who are not interested in buying your product or services, but rather someone trying to sell YOU something. Therefore is important to deeply understand who we are talking to.
    • Male or Female?
    • What level of education do they have?
    • Do they have children?
    • What’s their level of income?
    • What do they enjoy to read?
    • What are their problems to be solved?
  • Lead visitors to action. Don’t make the mistake of throwing all your content in the front page, this makes your visitors confused and willing to leave as soon as they get there. Is better to focus each page on a particular content and decide what you want your visitors to do. Don’t be shy, make it clear and easy to understand and you’ll see the results.
  • Link your Website to Social Media.  There is no doubt that the explosion of social media has been huge over the past few years.. Social media is an essential marketing channel to build relationships with potential and existing customers.Especially Google plus is an extraordinary tool. In fact activity in Google plus can influence search engine rankings, sometimes quite significantly. Google has also indicated that social media interactions are a factor in their search engine ranking algorithm.
  • Upgrade your website. Think about your website as a constant work in progress rather then something static.  Both your business and technology change over time and in this changes have to be reflected on your website. Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) is quoted as saying that successful businesses must "change often and change quickly" to survive in the modern world.

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