Private Cloud Solutions

Private Cloud hosting services provide hosting for virtual servers, PCs and website which pull their computing resource from extensive underlying networks of physical servers. Broadly speaking the client can tap into their service as much as they need, depending on the demands of their IT requirement, and they will only pay for what they use.

A typical cloud hosting offering can deliver the following features and benefits:

Reliability: rather than being hosted on one single instance of a physical server your IT resources are hosted on a virtual partition which draws its resources, such as disk space, from an extensive network of underlying physical servers. If one server goes offline, it dilutes the level of resource available to the cloud a little but will have no effect on the availability of the system whose virtual server will continue to pull resource from the remaining network of servers.

Physical Security: the underlying physical servers are still housed within data centers and so benefit from the security measures that those facilities implement to prevent people accessing or disrupting them on-site

Scalability and Flexibility: resource is available in real time on demand and not limited to the physical constraints/capacity of one server. If a client demands extra resource from its hosting platform due to a spike in traffic or the implementation of new functionality, the resource is accessed seamlessly.

Utility style costing: the client only pays for what they use. The resource is available for spikes in demand but there is no wasted capacity remaining unused when demand is lower.

Responsive load balancing: load balancing is software based and therefore can be instantly scalable to respond to changing demands

That’s why you can trust Computit with your cloud hosting needs. If you are looking for a new hosting or want to migrate your hosting, we have the best solution for you. We offer an affordable price, unlimited space and bandwidth, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, free 24/7 tech support and instant activation.

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