1. Rates are as agreed prior to job. (Pro Rata ΒΌ Hr).
2. The minimum labour charge per visit is two hour.
3. You are hi ring us on a charge for time basis to install, diagnose, attempt repair of reported faults & consult with you and third parties.
4. We cannot offer any assurance that any or all computer faults are repairable, that all software and devices will configure in combination, That repair of reported faults will result in full system function, or that code infections when removed will not re occur.
5. No firm price quotations are given for computer repair or configuration labour.
6. Where PCs are under warranty & site visit is requested charges will apply for time as above.
7. Parts used are chargeable except as covered under manufacturer warranty.
8. We are responding to the issues noted above and unless specifically requested will not expend time on exploratory observation except as related.
9. You are responsible for supplying the software discs and codes required to complete service.
10. You are responsible for backing up all data before work commences; We are not responsible for data loss however caused.
11. Personalized settings, themes etc. cannot always be tracked & restored and Windows / program default settings will be applied.
12. Parts are subject to manufacturer Warranty and Conditions.
13. For Virus/Spyware/Trojans reformat and reload of the HDD is RECOMMENDED - If you select 'cleaning' instead, malware re-emergence is possible.
14. Wireless LAN / Internet connectivity cannot be guaranteed on an ongoing basis as environmental, code & user issues affect service.

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